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Holistic Care

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General Training and Behavior

Please enjoy this collection of care, training, and behavior handouts written by our Certified Trainers. You are welcome to print and share these articles, but please remember to include the author's name and the Tails of Success website address on every copy.

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Dog Care and Training Articles

These three concepts are so important that they are the foundation for all of our training programs. Start here when dealing with behavior problems.

Learn how easy it can be to solve common problem behaviors by using a simple 5-step process!

Training through trust and understanding. Learn why positive training is a more effective and humane alternative to old-fashioned "dominance theory" methods.

Basic rules for using the clicker, including how it works and how to “charge it up” for your dog.


The fundamentals for housetraining your new puppy, or a refresher course for dogs who may be having accidents around the house. *If your dog suddenly starts having accidents, have your veterinarian check a urine sample to rule out medical causes first.


Simple steps to solving the most common behavior problem: inappropriate jumping!

Some tools to provide temporary relief from behavior problems while you treat the underlying cause with a more comprehensive behavior modification plan.

Find out how to read a pet food ingredient label to choose the best food for your best friend. (written for dogs, but applies to cats as well!)

The Pet Food List

A list of good quality dog foods to choose from, and where in Rochester to find them. Plus, a list of resouces to check out for more info on choosing the right food for your pet.

Learn how figure out exactly how much food you should be feeding your dog based on his lifestyle. Also includes the math for figuring out the exact price of different pet foods.

Basic information on feeding a raw diet to your dog. Also includes some info on supplements. (This handout isn't detailed, as it is designed for use in our Raw Feeding Seminar.)

One of the most crucial cues every dog should know. This handout gives tips, tricks, and games for strengthening your recall.

Using the "name game" to get your dog to listen up whenever you ask.

An easy game that will teach your dog that it is ok to give you whatever he has in his mouth.

Step-by-step for teaching your dog to rest quietly in his crate.

An article dispelling myths about the game of tug, and discussing how it can be used as important training tool.

Why dogs pull on leash, and one easy way to train your dog to walk nicely by your side.

A short list of things to do if your dog contracts kennel cough to hep them get well and feel well fast.

A short list of things to try for a natural treatment of demodex mange in dogs.

"How To"


These articles are written by our trainer who is certified in Holistic Healthcare for Companion Animals. She is not a veterinarian and these articles are not a substitute for veterinary advice. They are provided as a thought peice to give clients who prefer a more natural treatment for their dogs something to consider.

Be prepared to know exactly what to do if your dog ever growls.

A descriptive list of some common herbs that can be used for health and healing in dogs.

An article on the dangers and limited effectiveness of the kennel cough vaccine in dogs, with some comments and research from leaders in the field.

An extended version of the kennel cough article, containing additional research and sources.

A discussion of using the training technique of Errorless Learning to help build confidence in shy, timid, and fearful dogs.

A list of things to consider when our dogs don't comply with our cues.

Quick step-by-step training tips for three common problem behaviors: barking at the doorbell, stealing off of counters, and jumping up on guests.