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Calm and Control

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Our behavior programs are created just for these dogs who need a bit more than 'sit' and 'stay' to become the companion you've always dreamed of. This includes pups who are fearful, bark and lunge on leash, or have difficulty calming down and focusing. Classes are taught by our experienced behavior staff and class sizes are kept small so that each dog gets the individualized instruction they need be successful.

For dogs who are reactive on leash, or "lose it" when they see other dogs.

You will learn how to handle these types of situations and keep your dog under control, and teach your dog to walk politely by without barking and lunging when he sees another dog. Walks with your dog can be a joy for you both!


For dogs who are shy and nervous, or bark and growl when they meet new people.

We will practice skills for helping your dog stay calm in the presence of strangers, and teach you what to do if your dog growls, reacts, or panics. Get the confidence you both need to meet new friends!

For dogs who struggle to focus in face of distraction. Dogs will learn how to control their impulses in exciting situations. With a strong focus on relaxation, calmness, and development of self-control, Focused Fido is a great match for unruly adolescents, overly-excited adults, and any dog who tends to get overstimulated in new environments. This is an advanced-level class. *Class is 8 weeks*

Intake, 2 Private Sessions*, and Seven Week Class    $385

Intake, 2 Private Sessions*, and Seven Week Class    $385

Intake, 2 Private Sessions*, and Eight Week Class    $410

Why Choose Tails of Success?

At your wit's end with your dog's outta-control and unpredictable behavior or terrible social skills?

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Behavior Programs

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Gentle, effective methods

Classes focused on specific behavior issues

Our Behavior Programs are designed for dogs with specific behavioral needs. Each program begins with a 30 minute phone intake with our trainer to talk about the behaviors you have been seeing, your goals and your dog's history, and make sure that we are placing your pup in the correct program to best meet your needs. You will then begin with one-on-one sessions, where you will learn  foundation exercises to prepare your dog to be as successful as possible in the classroom environment, and the trainer will be able to answer questions and offer advice about your unique situation. When your dog is ready, you will move into the classroom setting to learn additional skills and practice working in an enviroment with a higher distraction level, and prepare to take your new skills into real life!

The cost of your Behavior Program includes your Intake, two Private sessions, and a seven-week class.


* Dogs may require additional private lessons prior to beginning class. Lessons are $45 for 30 minutes.