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Boarding F.A.Q.

Some additional information to help you prepare for your dog's vacation with us.

What are the Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures?


Drop-offs and pick-ups are scheduled in advance in 15 minute increments. This allows us enough time to properly go over your dog's individual needs at drop-off and to make sure that your dog is ready to depart at pick-up time. Please be sure to arrive on-time for your scheduled drop-off and pick-up. (A $10 late fee will be added for arriving outside of your scheduled time.)


Boarding is charged per day, and check-out time is before noon on weekdays and before 9am on weekends. Late pick-up is available at the discounted rate of $20 (vs. being charged for another full day of boarding).  The exception to the late pick-up policy is dogs who are dropped off on Saturday eveing (after 8pm) and picked up on Sunday eveing. This is charged as one day of boarding only.  


What do I need to bring for my dog's stay?


We ask that all dogs bring their own food, portioned into sandwich bags for each meal (two per day). We will also need a copy of your dog's current vaccines (see below for details) and they should receive flea prevention treatment prior to boarding. We provided dishes and bedding to each boarder during their stay. There are also options for additional goodies like beef cheeks or antlers to choose from at check-in for a small fee. Please do not bring toys or bedding as these items can be easily misplaced/damaged in a busy boarding environment.


Will my pup get to play with other dogs? What if my dog doesn't play well with others?


There are many options for play - from play with other dogs to play only with staff members. Group play is provided according to each dog's individual temperament and needs, and the requests of the owner. Let us know if you would like your pup to play at daycare, small group play, just with dogs from your family, or only with human staff. Play with staff or dogs is included with every stay.  


What are the vaccine requirements for boarding? Do you require that everyone provide vaccination or titer testing paperwork? What about Kennel Cough and Influenza?


All dogs must be current on core vaccines or titers following your veternarians recommendations.  We do not require elective vaccines, including kennel cough and canine influenza. It is our policy that dogs are NOT allowed into the building within 10 DAYS of receiving a kennel cough or canine influenza vaccine due to the possibility of viral shedding. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!


We do check vaccine/titer paperwork and require current rabies vaccine certificate or medical waiver to be on file (as per NYS requirements) for all dogs that come into the facility, regardless of the reason (training, daycare, etc).


What is the typical schedule for overnight guests?  


Monday through Friday boarding staff arrive at 5 am for morning potty, play/walks and breakfast. Dogs who participate in daycare will head into the playroom at 6am. In the afternoon, dogs will get a second walk/play/potty break with kennel staff. Early evening, dogs receive their third round of walks, dinner, and play and potty breaks. Dogs who are playing in daycare will return to their rooms for dinner around 6pm. The kennel staff return in the evening after training classes and carry out the "good night" potties and tuck-ins around 10pm. On weekends, the schedule is similar, with dogs getting extended play sessions in the morning and evening, in addition to regular breakfast and dinner, potty, walks, and play breaks.


What is the feeding and potty schedule?


Dogs are fed twice per day, morning and evening. Accommodations can be made for dogs who have special feeding needs beyond this.  Potty breaks are provided as often as needed, with multiple scheduled play and/or walks daily.


Is someone keeping track of the dogs' elimination?  


We are obsessive about pee and poop tracking. We have forms for each dog tracking frequency, as well as notes on consistency, color, and content. We will also call you if there is a problem with any excrement... even if it's just to let you know what it looks like.


What is the protocol if there is an emergency or a dog becomes ill?  


In the event of illness or injury (with the exception of a true emergency, in which case protocol is to put the dog into the car and transport immediately), you receive a call prior to the veterinarian. We can either take your dog to the closest veterinarian, emergency, or to your veterinarian, depending upon owner preference and severity of the situation. We have first-aid kits on hand and everyone is either Red Cross First-aid Certified or trained in standard pet first aid. Our closest veterinarian hospital is Irondequoit Animal Hospital, located on Hudson Ave.


Is there an emergency fire safety protocol?  Does the fire department know there are animals there and where they are?


Yes, we actually have the Fire Marshall through on many occasions. We have a sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, and an emergency evacuation plan.


What is your cancellation policy if I need to cancel or shorten my dog's stay?


We ask that we are given a minimum of 7 days notice on any changes to boarding reservations that will shorten the length of a dog's stay with us. If for any reason you need to shorten or cancel your reservation within less than 7 days of the first day of your reservation, you will be responsible for 20% of the standard fee for the days cancelled. With less than 3 days notice, the fee is 50% for all days cancelled. A current credit card must be on file prior to any reservation.