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Day Training and Board & Train Program

Let professionals do the work for you! Send your dog to us for a brush up on manners, or concentrated work on serious behavior issues. We will do the work, and you can enjoy your dog!

Day Training is a perfect add-on for daycare dogs. 

Your pup will get one-on-one time with our trainers to work on manners, obedience, leash-skills - whatever you would like to see improved, all during daycare hours. No extra work for you - not even an extra trip! - and you will get to enjoy a well-behaved companion at home.


Transfer Sessions - Meet one-on-one with the trainer every few weeks to review your dog's progress and learn how to get these new behaviors working perfectly at home.

Feel like the day gets away from you before you have a chance to work on your dog's training? Day Training is an excellent option for busy owners who are short on time. Our trainers will work with your dog on your training program to make sure your pup is getting the regular practice he needs. Plus, training typically moves along much faster in the hands of professionals who are skilled at the mechanics of training and able to improvise on the fly. You will be amazed at the progress you see!

Day Training

Board & Train

Board & Train is a great option for dogs who would benefit from a serious immersion program for their training. This is perfect for dogs who have behavior problems or owners who want their dog obedience trained FAST. Your dog will go home with their trainer and get one-on-one behavior work throughout the day, practicing their new manners in an in-home setting.

- Dog Reactivity

- Housetraining

- Manners Training

On-site Day Training at Tails of Success: $48 for 30 minute session

(Daycare or Day Boarding package required in addition to training sessions)

2 week Board & Train Package includes:

- 30 minute phone intake session with trainer to discuss your goals and concerns, and make sure our Board & Train

   program is the right option for your dog.


- "First night stay" in an overnight suite prior to your scheduled stay so that your pup can get to know our staff and trainers.


- 14 day stay in our trainer's home, including daily hikes in the woods and playtime.


- Custom training plan and individual daily training sessions with our trainers, addressing the issues your dog needs help with.


- 30 minute transfer session with trainer at pick up, discussing what your dog learned during their stay and what

  to do at home to maintain the new behaviors.


- Two 30 minute follow up sessions to answer any additional questions and make sure things are transitioning smoothly at home.

Two Week Board and Train Package - starting at $1720


Each additional week - $770 +


- Leash Walking

- Strong Recall

- Behavior Problems

Day Training and Board & Train

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