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Have some fun, blow off steam and learn a new skill with our variety of sports programs. Sports are a great way to get some exercise, make some new friends, and keep your dog sharp. Try them all!

Beginner Agility

Level II Agility

Beginner Agility is a fun, fast class that focuses on the foundations of agility. We work on introducing equipment (to pups and people) and putting pieces together.

In Beginner Agility II we continue to build on what we learned in Beginner Agility, with a focus on building everyone's confidence and comfort wtih each obstacle. Expect this class to be a fast-paced and exciting time!

Rally for Beginners

Rally is a fun and exciting team sport for dogs and their handlers! Teams navigate a course at a brisk, continuous pace, with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform such as Sit-Down-Sit, Send Over Jump, Spiral Right with Dog on the Outside, Drop on Recall and more. It is a fun test of obedience and the trust in the relationship between dog and handler. And what's best, is that Rally is a sport that anyone can do, regardless of physical limitations.


In Beginner Rally, we will introduce the basic signs and skills for the sport, focus on team-building between handler and dog, and moving well together on-leash.

Advanced Agility

Not sure where your pup fits in? No problem! Give us a call and we'll get you scheduled to come in for a

quick evaluation that will give you a custom game-plan for your dog's unique training needs.

Six Weeks    $145

Six Weeks    $135

Six Weeks    $135

Six Weeks    $145

For teams that have completed Level 2 or with Instructor permission, we will begin more complex sequencing, raising contacts to full height, and continuing to build the team. Get ready for competition level work!

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Dog Sports & Fun Classes

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Our Sports programs are very popular and all classes are filled exclusively from our waitlist.

New classes are filled from the waitlist faster than we can update the website schedule.

Please call to be added to the waitlist and we will contact you with your start date.


You may be asked to schedule a placement assessment to make sure your dog is placed

in the proper class for their skill level.

Weight Pull

Six Weeks    $145