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Doggy Daycare


Send your dog to our lovely daycare facility conveniently located in Irondequoit for a day of fun and play.

Let us do the work keeping your dog exercised and socialized.

Dogs spend their day here playing with friends and come home 

tired and happy,

ready for an evening of settling in and relaxing with their humans!

At Tails of Success, we go the extra mile to make sure that your dog gets the highest quality of care while they are with us!

1 day/week: $134

2 days/week: $258

3 days/week: $374

4 - 5 days/week: $550


Ready to Sign Up?

3m Package - Save 10%           6m Package - Save 15%

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Daycare Intake Paperwork

"We know without question that when we drop her off for a day of play with her doggy friends that she will be safe, happy, and mentally stimulated."

                                          - Heather A.


Daily Rate: $35 - $40

Half Day: $27 - $32

Daycare Hours:

TUESDAY - FRIDAY: 6am - 6pm

MONDAY: 7am - 6pm

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VIP Club & Puppy Club

 Basic Daycare

We have daycare options to meet the needs of every dog:

VIP Pup Club -

The ultimate daycare experience every day!


Dogs play all day in our supervised playgroups, and participate in periodic activities like bubbles and pool time. Friends are separated by size and play-style, with breaks provided as needed to ensure all dogs have the best possible time.


This option is great for super-social dogs who love romping in a large group and get along with friends of all types!

Our VIP Pups enjoy a busy day including free-play daycare with friends PLUS special time in a small group with different activities every day! 


VIP Activities:

- Ball Pit

- Pool Time

- Toy Play

- Art Projects

- Ball Play

- Nosework Games

- Snuggle Time

- Outdoor Walks

- Stuffed Kongs

- Mini Training Sessions

- Massage & Brush-out

Activities will vary by day, and some activities may be available

at an additional cost.

1 day/week: $155

2 days/week: $299

3 days/week: $439

4 - 5 days/week: $650

Monthly Packages:

Click here for Daycare Policies

1. Click the link below to submit the Daycare Intake paperwork for your dog.


2. Give us a call at 585-360-0030 to schedule your first day.


3. Email a copy of your dogs current vaccines to [email protected]

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Puppy Club

Puppies aged 8 weeks to 7 months old will enjoy special attention, lots of cuddles, rest periods, and group play with puppy friends in our Puppy Club! Your baby will get the highest standard of care while they grow and learn to play with friends in our daycare groups.

VIP Pup Club is only

$5 more per visit

than daycare!

Did you know...


This option is perfect for special dogs who love people and dogs and will enjoy having a fun and different experience filled with activity each time they come to daycare!

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