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Learn the skills you need to get your dog behaving well at home and out in public. Say goodbye to being jumped on, dragged down the street, or ignored and hello to a companion you can be proud of.



Call us to schedule your Orientation today!



Learn more about how our unique program will benefit you, and get help choosing the best training package for your family.

Orientation is people-only and lasts about 30mins.

Please bring a copy of your dog's current vaccinations.  

Life with your dog can be a joy!

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Real Life Training Program

10% off package price for 2nd dog in same household

Training Packages

Elementary Packages:

2 months  -  $160

3 months  -  $210

4 months  -  $255

Super Dog Package:

(double the benefits with

two classes per week!)

Class Times

Classes are held multiple times per week, allowing you to choose a time that works best with your busy schedule. 

- Mondays at  6p


- Tuesdays at 7:30p


- Saturdays at 10a, beginning 11/25

- Saturdays at 12p, ending 11/18


- Sundays at 1p, beginning 11/26

- Sundays at 3p, ending 11/19



3 months  -  $325

Real-life application

- learn to take skills from the classroom to the real world.


Flexible scheduling

- choose from many convenient class times to fit your schedule.

- "skips" allow you to miss a week without losing out.


Work at your own pace

- no more feeling left behind or bored in class.


Increased socialization opportunities

- interact with new dogs and people at each class.


AKC Canine Good Citizen and APDT C.L.A.S.S. Prep

- learn the skills you need to pass the CGC and CLASS exams.


Super Dog Option

- Double the benefits by attending class twice weekly.

- See faster results and have extra fun with your dog.

In the Kitchen - dogs learn not to steal food off of counters and tables, and to relax politely without begging

                                while you prepare and eat dinner.


At the Park  - dogs learn to come when called, walk nicely on leash, even past exciting distractions like

                             squirrels, and not to pick up yucky things they find on the ground.


Trip to the Vet - dogs learn to behave politely in busy waiting rooms, and to remain calm for exams,

                            grooming, and nail trims.


Games  - dogs learn to come when called, give up objects, and how to go from "crazy dog" to "calm dog" fast.

               Plus, a few fun tricks to show off to your friends.


Out & About - dogs learn to walk nicely on leash, and to politely greet people and dogs they encounter.


Around the House -  dogs learn to greet guests politely at the door, and not to go nuts when that doorbell rings.



"There are so many benefits about the way this program is set up. You will just have to come in & experience it for yourself!" 

                      - Laura L.

"Signing up for classes was the best decision we ever me ever made!"

                - Meredith M.

* This program is designed to accommodate puppy/beginner through advanced level training.