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Get the help you need to turn your problem pup into the dog you've always wanted. Our experienced trainers will give you the answers you need and guidance to solve your dog's toughest behavior problems .

If you are experiencing problems with your dog's behavior, do not despair. You are not alone, and Tails of Success can help! We are experienced in dealing with these types of issues and have had great success at helping dogs and owners restore peace to their household.

In-home sessions are available for all behavior problems.

Sessions are $105 hourly (additonal for 20+ min drive)

On-site sessions are available for most behavior problems.   Sessions are $48 for 30 mins   

Ready to Begin?

We can help!

1. Click below for the Behavior Intake Form, which will ask for details about your pet and the behaviors you have been experiencing. Fill out the form entirely, and submit.

2. Call 585-360-0030 to schedule your session. Our trainers are in high demand, and there may be a wait time of several weeks for your first appointments.

What to expect

Relax, you are in good hands. Our trainers will work with you and your dog on the specific problems you are facing. Sessions are available in your home or our facility, to best meet your needs.

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Why Choose Tails of Success?

Gentle, effective methods


Highly educated and experienced professionals


Customized training plans


Help with your toughest behavior problems


Step by step guidence


A partner for life

Your initial session is done via phone call and will be an in-dept evaluation of the problems you are experiencing. We will create a custom training program for your dog based on your unique needs and lifestyle, and work with you on the first steps toward achieving your goals. We will also give you a management plan for some immediate releif.

Each follow-up session will review progress since the last meeting and give you detailed instructions and hands-on practice for the next steps in your training plan. We will work to guide you through the exercises until you achieve the results you are looking for.

Intake Session

Follow-up Sessions

In-home Sessions

On-site Sessions

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Private Behavior Consultations

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Intake Sessions

All intake appointments are done via 30 minute phone consultation with our trainer. This session is $48

We offer feline behavior consulations! Please call us to get help for your cat's toughest behaviors.