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Our curriculum is designed to focus on real-world situations and teaching your dog the best way to behave in everyday life. We don't simply provide you with a list of behaviors - we show you when and how to use these new skills to get the behavior you are looking for in real life.

Our program includes skills like:


    - walking nicely on leash                                    


    - staying focused, even around things like squirrels


    - greeting visitors without jumping                


    - calming down quickly when excited


    - sitting politely for nail trims                            


    - behaving at dinner time


    - no begging or food stealing


Life with your dog can be a joy!

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Real Life Training Class

10% off package price for 2nd dog in same household


* This program is designed to accommodate puppy/beginner through advanced level training.

"There are so many benefits about the way this program is set up.

You will just have to come in and experience it for yourself!" 

                                            - Laura L.

"Signing up for classes was the best decision we ever made!"

                                        - Meredith M.

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Class Supplies

Please bring all supplies to your first class. If you have any questions about supplies, please give us a call at 585-360-0030.

- Collar or Harness  

any flat buckle or martingale style collar or body harness

- Leash  

leather, cotton, or nylon in 4'-6' length

- Treats  

a quart size bag of delicious pea-sized treats. Bring a variety. Cream cheese or liverwurst are also great options!

- Toys  

one or two of your dog's absolute favorite fun toys

- Mat  

carpet remnant, small bed, etc.. a special place for your dog to rest

Learn the skills you need to get your dog behaving well at home and out in public. Say 'goodbye' to being jumped on, dragged down the street, or being ignored and say 'hello' to a companion you can be proud of.

Six Week Class


- Vaccines   Please bring a copy of your dog's current rabies and distemper record. Kennel cough vaccine is not required.

Please submit your sign up form and give us a call at

585-360-0030 to schedule your class start date.

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