By Sherri Romig CPDT-KA

Feeding Raw Diet should be:

80% muscle meat: ground, very meaty bones, tongue

10% bone: boney meat, chicken backs, necks, rabbit, wings

10% organs (half of this should be liver): kidneys, hearts, livers, gizzards

Variety is key! Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Lamb, Pork, Fish, Goat, Rabbit, Duck, Deer… any animal you can find!

* Pork and Fish should be frozen for several weeks and fed in moderation. (1x/week)

Other things to add:

– Green beef tripe

– Whole eggs (shell included!)

– Goat’s milk yogurt

– Canned fish: salmon, sardines, mackerel

Sample Schedule:

Monday – Meat w Bone (Turkey necks)

Tuesday – Muscle Meat (Ground lamb and veggies

Wednesday – Liver & Organ (Beef liver and ckn gizzards)

Thursday – Meat w Bone (Chicken backs)

Friday – Misc. Day (Eggs w shell, Tripe, yogurt)

Saturday – Muscle Meat (Goat chunks or Beef ribs)

Sunday – Fast

Making Veggie Slop:

VS should be 60% leafy dark green veggies. The rest is made up a variety of above-ground and root veggies. (No onions!) Combine veggies into a food processor or blender and puree. Add supplements if desired.

I will typically add garlic, alfalfa, herbal supplements, seaweeds, and ACV to my VS. Sometimes a bit of ground meat or fruit for palatability. Remember to make your VS using a different variety of veggies every time. Spoon into ziplock bags, date, and freeze. Add a small spoonful of VS to your dog’s meals. (think prey-animal)


Digestive Enzymes – especially for kibble or cooked food dogs!

Probiotics – acidopholis, bifidus regualris, etc. Prebiotics and Synbiotics are great as well.

Fish Oils – Omega 3’s only! Fish oils (salmon) better that plant oils.

Apple Cider Vinegar – must be raw, unpasteurized!

Garlic – (lbs:cloves/day) 10: ½ , 20:1, 45:2, 75:2.5, 100:3. Use this amount or less.

Seaweeds – spirulina, kelp, blue-green algae

Alfalfa – (lbs: tsp/day) 10:1, 20:3, 45:5, 75:7, 100:9

Vitamins – C and E are antioxidants, Bee pollen is a B-vitamin complex

Herbs – burdock root, chamomile, echinacea, dandelion root, milk thistle, cayenne

Home-cooked meals: Never feed cooked bone! Use a calcium supplement or powdered eggshell instead.

Calcium Carbonate: 900mg/lb of food
Ground eggshell: 1tsp/lb food
Bone Meal (Swiss Herbal)