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At Tails of Success: Dog Daycare and Training, we’ve built a community around our shared love of dogs and the families we serve in Rochester, NY. Whether you’re looking for doggy daycare, puppy training, or grooming services, there’s something for every dog at Tails of Success.

We’ve provided the following information to keep you informed and help your dog live their healthiest and happiest life.

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Success Stories

Behavior Stories

happy polite dog at Tail of Success, Rochester NY
happy well behaved dog at Tail of Success, Rochester NY

... gentle, effective, and FUN (isn't that how training should be?!)...

Tails of Success is one of very few places in the Rochester area where the trainers will look at the whole picture ﹣ the whole dog, the whole human(s), the whole relationship – and help find the best solution for all parties. The methods used are gentle, effective, and FUN (isn’t that how training should be!?) It’s obvious how much the dogs love going to classes at Tails of Success. They usually can’t wait to get in the door! The trainers at Tails of Success are easy to talk to and will gladly do everything they can to answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend checking out Tails of Success if you’re looking into training with your dog!

...within 10 minutes our barking problem was solved...

I had an issue with my dog barking at my grooming shop. I was at my wit’s end. Sherri came in and within 10 minutes our problem was solved. No harsh collars, no yelling, or “alpha” dominance. It was so simple. Every day I am grateful for the tools she’s given me to be a good dog owner and the knowledge she’s taught me to pass along to my clients. What she has given me can never be repaid. She is constantly educating herself and is truly dedicated to helping owners and dogs using positive reinforcement and praise. I look forward to a lifelong relationship with “Miss Sherri” and her staff.
‒ Terri & Maya

...extremely patient, knowledgeable, and savvy concerning dog behavior...

We work exclusively with Tails of Success to train the dogs in our rescue. It’s really refreshing to work with them because quite often when we see other rescue dogs in the community, they have a big heavy prong collar on their necks. I have to wonder what trainers are recommending this type of collar and am thrilled that Tails will never make this recommendation. The training techniques at Tails work and our dogs are proof of that. Not one dog is on a prong collar and people love to see our dogs coming. Not only do we find the trainers at Tails of Success extremely patient and knowledgeable but they are also savvy concerning dog behavior. Tails is truly a refreshing addition to the training populating in Rochester. We would and consistently do recommend them to adopters and people we talk to in and around Rochester.
‒ Jenn (Pitty Love Rescue)

... it’s wonderful to see such a transformation occur from having fun...

Love this facility and everyone who works there. They have a solid understanding of behavior and use a humane, progressive approach to facilitate learning. I particularly love agility. My Tuck has become so much more confident, and it’s wonderful to see such a transformation occur from having fun. I’m so grateful to have kind and knowledgeable trainers with a focus on behavior in the area that I feel so comfortable with.

...great at helping work through behavior issues...

Working with the staff at Tails of Success has been fantastic both with the dog we adopted and our current foster dog. They have been great at helping to work through some behavior issues we encountered during our fostering experience and continue to be patient as our foster dog continues to learn and trust others. I highly recommend Tails of Success to anyone who is in need of any sort of training from basic obedience to trying to solve behavior issues with their pets!
‒ Kristy & Gatsby

...it’s worth it just to see my dog light up when we pull in the parking lot...

Tails of Success has been the only place where I can take my reactive dog. The atmosphere is always so positive. The staff is always willing to help with whatever issue you may be having with your dog, whether it’s training, diet, communication, anything! We absolutely love going there, and it’s worth it just to see my dog light up when we pull into the parking lot. The rewards-based training really keeps my dog motivated, and we always have so much fun.
‒ Myranda & Sophie

Real Life Training Success

success stories dog training in Rochester, NY | Tails of Success

...we went from an unfocused puppy to a determined learner...

Our experience at Tails of Success has been great! When we adopted Axl in the fall of 2012, we already knew he was a well-mannered young boy but we wanted to continue his training and learn ourselves. We went from having an unfocused and playful puppy while in class to a determined learner THEN playful pup. We completed a 3-month program and were very happy with the results. Their methods are easily transferred for extra practice at home. Axl also participates in Saturday playgroups and doggy daycare. The staff at Tails makes us feel comfortable that he is safe and taken care of while he is visiting. We also love seeing pictures of him playing with his friends once in a while!
‒ Matt & Axl

...constantly learning new things or learning how to expand the skills...

We are big fans of Tails of Success. We recently adopted a dog who needed an obedience class to build her confidence and learn basic manners. The Real Life Obedience class is structured so that it’s very easy to work at our own pace. In addition, the instructors explain the “why” behind each technique so that you understand the logic. It’s very evident that all the trainers enjoy their jobs and are great at what they do. They also switch up each lesson so you and your dog are constantly learning new things or learning how to expand on the skills.
‒ Nancy, Addie, & Bisky

...turned our 9m old rescue from a good find into a genuine treasure...

Tails of Success has proven aptly named for us, as they turned our 9-month-old rescue poodle-mix from a good find into a genuine treasure. They did this through their obedience training program on a flexible schedule that allowed us to move him along at his own pace to the point where we were satisfied with his proficiency level – a sensible and economical approach not found at other training programs. Pinot loves to go to his classes both for the fun of play and for the pride of success. He has learned a number of new skills (and polished some he’d learned earlier) which make him a more playful and pleasant companion. The clicker has become like an increasingly more sophisticated remote control we can use to shape and influence his social skills. We recommend Tails of Success to friends with dogs every chance we get.
‒ Bob, Joanne, & Pinot

...trainers are able to spend one-on-one time with each dog...

I love that the class size is small and that the trainers are able to spend one-on-one time with each dog working on whatever that specific dog’s needs. They also give great suggestions and advice even if it’s not directly related to what we’re working on in class. I also like that the classes go at your dog’s pace and activities can be modified as needed. I think Bailey has become much better at sits, stays, lays, etc., and is becoming much more consistent than he was prior to starting classes.
‒ Michelle & Bailey

...come in and experience it for yourself...

I really enjoy going to classes at Tails of Success. Sherri and her staff have helped me to bridge the communication gap between Jordan and I in a positive manner. Jordan and I are learning to work WITH each other. I like being able to attend two nights a week as it helps to reinforce the skills being taught in class for both of us. There are so many invaluable benefits to the way the program is set up. You will just have to come in and experience it for yourself.
‒ Laura & Jordan

...very knowledgeable about dog behavior and training...

I heard about Tails of Success from a neighbor that brought their dog in for training. They raved about the trainers. They were 100% right. I have been bringing my dog, Gigi, there for 7-8 months and the trainers are wonderful! Gigi is just a year old and very excited all the time. Trainers Rich, Cam, and Cassandra have been fantastic!!! They are all very knowledgeable about dog behavior and training. I even carry their business cards with me to give to people because Gigi and I have always had a great experience and I would highly recommend Tails of Success to anybody looking for a great dog training/daycare for dogs!!!
‒ Jill & Gigi

Daycare Success

dogs playing at doggy daycare in Rochester, NY | Tails of Success

...feel good knowing she had a fun-filled day in a safe environment...

My dogs and I LOVE Tails of Success! Sherri and staff truly care about every dog that walks through their doors. I feel comfortable leaving my dogs in their hands for daycare, and I trust in their training techniques. Sherri and Michelle are my go-to people for advice about dog behavior, training, and even everyday dog-related questions. My dog Nadia knows when we are in the parking lot, and gets very excited. When I pick her up, she is exhausted, and I feel good knowing she had a fun-filled day in a safe environment with knowledgeable staff.
‒ Joanna and Nadia

...a wonderful dog who fits perfectly in our family...

These are amazing people who love your dog as much as you do! Always kind and helpful! Even in an emergency meltdown when you feel like you’ve failed your dog when your puppy is going through their “terrible twos”! I am so thankful that they love our Maggie like we do and put up with us because they do! So grateful!
‒ Mary and Maggie

...a night with a sleepy puppy is PRICELESS...

We have been bringing our 10-month puppy to Tails of Success since she was only a couple of months old. We utilize their daycare as well as do training 2x a week. Beyond being helpful they are also very accomodating to our schedule. We love everyone at Tails of Success, I love how loved my puppy is when she spends her days there. I also love how tired she is when I pick her up! A night with a sleepy puppy is PRICELESS. Lately, I have been receiving a lot of compliments on my dog’s behavior; how well she plays with other dogs, she comes when called and is simply obedient, even when around other dogs and people. For this, I owe my thanks to Tails of Success for training my fiance and I on how to positively reinforce her good behavior. I am a proud momma of a pitty puppy and I have gained much knowledge and confidence with my puppy’s training through the commitment and dedication of Tails of Success. I recommend (and have to many) the daycare and training classes to anyone… they have something for everyone!
‒ Melissa

...bring home a calmer, well-rounded critter...

What a fantastic find Tails of Success was for us! We brought our Jersey Mae to Sherri’s school at the recommendation of Pitty Love Rescue and couldn’t be happier with the results. So much so, that I have re-enrolled our dog without a break since we started almost a year ago. Sherri and her trainers pay close attention to every dog and their owners, offering specific advice and tailoring the lessons based on individual needs. Every dog is loved and cared for with constant positive feedback. The daycare is exactly that – caring for your dog all day while you are away. An experienced handler will supervise your four-legged pal while it socializes with other dogs, providing them with exercise and interaction skills. You won’t be dropping your pet off to be crated all day, which means you will bring home a calmer, well-rounded critter. Sherri and her crew don’t just care for your dogs, they love them like their own and are skilled at helping you to be a better parent to your furry friend. I have always felt respected by these folks and am so glad that I found Tails of Success. You will be, too!
‒ Dan & Jersey

...amazing people who love your dog almost as much as you do!...

I wish I could get all my dog friends to go to Tails of Success! With Sherri’s guidance in obedience as a puppy, we have a wonderful dog that fits perfectly in our family. Sherri’s approach to training is reward-based training. Make the dog WANT to do the right thing for the treat and teach them what the right thing is that you want them to do. Calypso also goes to Tails of Success daycare when we can get her there. She is asleep at the end of the parking lot. Reasonably priced for everything they do. They offer classes for all levels and are always adding new things to try with your dog. My favorite thing about the daycare is the floor. Not sure what they used, but the dogs have traction when they are playing and do not slide all over and risk injury by sliding on a tile surface. Little dogs have their own play area so my dog will not sit on them. They are also involved in rescue and seem to have a lost soul looking for a home every time I am there. I have owned dogs all my life, met, and worked with a number of trainers, some I would recommend, some I would not. I will always care and have multiple times recommended Sherrie and her trainers to anyone without hesitation. If you have a pup, start out on the right foot and call them. If you have a bored dog, call. They have lots of things to try out. If you have a problem, call her. She has the patience of a saint and will work hard with you to fix the problem.
‒ Jen & Callie

Boarding Success

dogs playing at doggy daycare in Rochester, NY | Tails of Success

...her own little vacation...

Latte seemed to have a lovely time boarding with Sherri. I saw pictures of her visit﹣she appeared to enjoy herself on the climbing logs and in the digging pit! When I went to pick Latte up, I did not receive her usual “Oh, thank God you’re here” response. While she was happy to see me, I don’t think she minded having her own little vacation at all! I would recommend without reservation leaving your dog(s) in Sherri’s care.
‒ Carrie and Latte

...kindness and care naturally...

Having gone to one local boarder and trainer where I walked away with very mixed feelings about their approach and care, I was extremely relieved to find Tails of Success. The approach to handling the dogs is more evolved than traditional practices. There is kindness and care and naturally, the dogs respond well, become calm, and understand what they are being taught. I have also learned from Tails of Success about a quality, raw, and natural diet for my two Shih Tzus, which I inherently feel will extend their life and their health! I was loaded with misconceptions until I attended Sherri’s seminars! Also, if you want to go on vacation worry-free, board your pups with Tails of Success. They are absolutely trained and equipped to handle any situation, the dogs are always receiving personal attention, and I can tell they have a blast.
‒ Shauntelle

...I feel quite comfortable leaving her...

I have boarded my dog Kira, an 11-year-old Alaskan Husky, with Tails of Success several times in the years or so I have had her. Any dog is special, of course, but Kira is a bit spooky, shy, and wary, as she is a rescue dog who lived for most of her life in a pen, rather neglected, and with minimal contact with people. I feel quite comfortable leaving her with Sherri. As an expert dog trainer and owner of a dog daycare, she has the experience and ability to care for a dog in a way many providers just don’t have. I appreciate that Kira is in a home environment with Sherri. In addition to having boarded my dog with Sherri, I have had the benefit of a private training session with Sherri and my dog, and have seen her dog daycare and training facility. I would recommend her to anyone looking for boarding or a trainer.
‒ Charlie & Kira
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